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Therapy recommendation
Caries prevention
For caries bacterium it takes about 6 months to develop their whole aggressiveness. For prophylaxis of caries and gum disease a biannual ozone-treatment with Dentozon mobile o3 is recommended. Additional check or in some cases an additional treatment by the dentist is necessary, because it is not possible to make discoloration of teeth or destroyed teeth (cavities) irreversible with ozone.
A Dentozon-treatment during orthodontic treatments secures of caries. Non-accessible-areas at orthodontic material (e.g. braces) get freed of any bacterium. A biannual treatment is recommended.
The producer of Dentozon recommends a biannual treatment for the prevention of parodontitis. If parodontitis is already existing, the dentist has to decide what kind of additional treatment is necessary and how often you have to use Dentozon.
Diabetes patients: a quaterly treatment is recommended. Gums regeneration is supported, and so the persons well-being increases.
A Dentozon-treatment during a pregnancy often bewares of the use of antibiotics.
Anticoagulant pharmaceuticals
Especially for patients who use anticoagulant pharmaceuticals (e.g. Marcumar) a Dentozon-treatment is very good to medicate parodontitis without any operation. It is mostly not necessary to stop the use of the anticoagulant pharmaceuticals.
Implantology, endodontia and other operations
A Dentozon-treatment before and after operations reduces the risk of postoperative complications.
Before holidays
To have no toothache during the holidays and have to look for a dentist in a foreign country, a Dentozon-treatment of 10 to 20 minutes before the holidays is recommended.
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