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Patient Reports
Martha W.

I’ve been suffering from parodontitis for many years. When brushing my teath the gums were bleeding and could hardly be stopped. My gums retreated more and more and all my teeth loosened.
My dentist diagnosed: All your teeth are on pus, they all must be extracted. I went to a second dentist, who said: Your teeth are o.k., but the bone of your jaw can’t hold the teeth, therefore all the teeth must be extracted.
Then I heard of Dentozon and that many problems of the teeth can be solved by it. The healing success was amazing. I needed 11 treatments to get my teeth consolidated. My gums in the upper jaw were bluish before the treatment with ozone, which meant – according to my dentist – that my teeth were no longer provided. After the treatment my gums were soundly red which means that they apparently now are supplied with blood. The improvement showed after 7 days of treatment with ozone.

Odete L.

I had been suffering from parodontitis since I was twenty years. I was really desperated: My teeth loosened and I'm only 38 now. Then I treated myself with Dentozon.
Very soon I felt my teeth becoming cleaner and fresher. The Inflammation retreated totally after some days. My gums itched and the colour changed from bluish to red. Now my teeth are consolidated again and I have the feeling of having sound teeth again.
I made another interesting experience: I had pustules of herpes on my upper lip; normally it takes 3 weeks until they begin to retreat. This time they disappeared after two days. I'm totally convinced of Dentozon!

Brigitta M.

In spite of regular oral hygiene, I could scrape a bad smelling substance beneath a 2 yrs old ceramic crown. This tooth is devital, therefore I felt no pain, but I woke up every night having pulsing feelings in the root area. Two years ago I had lost a tooth by operating the suppurated root because of the same finding.
This time I treated my upper and lower jaw with Dentozon three times a day for three days, and the throbbing pain was gone which had caused me to wake up in the night for some month.
My teeth look whiter now. Additionally I found grey pieces in the saliva absorber. Were these remainders of amalgam? Since this successful treatment I’m free of pain.

Thomas B.

Already after the first treatment with Dentozon (after 20 minutes) I found many tiny, hard stones in the salvia which I identified as tartar. My teeth look brighter and the inflammation in the interdental areas vanished soon. Handling the equipment is very easy.

Stefan K.  (68 yrs)

His tooth root was suppurated and according to the dentist it should be removed, but after the first treatment with Dentozon it was cured.
Some time later he had the same problem with another tooth. That time it took him 3 days to treat it successfully with ozone. The inflammation disappeared and has not come again. (Since 2007).

Günther K.  (70 yrs)
He suffered from a heavy suppuration of his 5th tooth in his right lower jaw. The tooth was pressed up out of his aveole, this was documented in an X-ray picture. The dentist wanted to treat the tooth by resection of the root. As Günter K. knew Dentozon he treated himself successfully with it. The suppuration vanished and his tooth consolidated totally. After some month he visited the same dentist, who found out, by a new X-ray picture, that the tooth had consolidated and the suppuration was gone. He was very perplexed, of course.

Mrs S.

This young lady had an inflamed right upper jaw, which was swollen heavily and she felt throbbing pain. While treating herself with Dentozon she recorded the process. Already after the second treatment after two hours the swelling was going back. After the 3rd handling pain and swelling had disappeared.


An elderly man was suffering from herpes on his upper lip. Whith a special equipment he treated himself once. First the inflamed spots got worse, but the next day there were only little spots which vanished soon.

Mrs R.

An elderly woman still had 3 crowned teeth in her upper jaw, where a telescope was put on. One of these teeth had a painful inflammation which was treated by root canal treatment – without success. Then the tooth should be extracted. Although the dentist had an objection against Dentozon as he saw no chances of success, the lady (as a last try) treated herself for 30 minutes with Dentozon. After this treatment the pain was gone and did not come back during the last year.

Inge M.

A lady wanted to treat her caries herself with Dentozon and began at first to treat the aphthen on her lip and her tongue tip. They vanished after a short time.

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