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With DENTOZON, a new developed equipment, you need no longer be afraid of pain at the dentist.
First of all, this appliance is about preservation of teeth. If treatment is required, substance saving treatment of teeth should be carried out. In the beginning stage caries and parodontitis can be cured. When treatment starts early enough it is likely you'll never have problems with your teeth.

With DENTOZON the entire row of teeth can be treated simultaneously, as well as herpes, aphthen and bad breath problems. And this: without any pain!

Further information about ozone and DENTOZON you'll find on our website.
If you have any questions, we'll be pleased to respond them.

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Dentozon - Wie ein Wasserfall umspült Dentozon Zahn und Zahnfleisch mit Ozon und zerstört Bakterien
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