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Use of Dentozon

Ozone is introduced into the mouth through a hose via a mouthpiece (picture) and is distributed throughout the upper and lower teeth row.

During the ozone treatment the vacuum device is interrupted for 0.3 seconds every two seconds. This causes a temporary overpressure which makes ozone enter into even the smallest interdental spaces, gums pockets, cavities and root canals. This process is so simple that the patient needs few assistance.
Preventive treatment should be conducted every 6 months and should last at least ten minutes.

On the appliance there is a Start/Stop button, which starts a preprogrammed treatment cycle which stops automatically after 10 minutes. Additionally the cycle can be stopped manually at any time.

Ozone must not enter the lungs. DENTOZON equipment has been constructed in a way that a built-in section device makes sure, that this does not happen. Suction for the removal is many times higher than that of the supply. So no ozone enters the lungs. Therefore it is important that patients keep their mouths tightly shut, breathing through the nose.


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