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About Ozone

The action principle of ozone

Ozone is a special form of oxygen. It occurs, when “normal” oxygen is exposed to a high energie input. Ozone (O3), an unstable und high reactive molecule (1.5 times more reactive than chlorine), dissociates to oxygen (O2) and atomic oxygen (O1): 

                                                               O3 O2 + O1  

On both counts, a ozone-treatment has a positive effect:  

O1: Atomic oxygen (O1) attaches either to DNA-structures of viruses, or to proteins of bacterium and germs, and destroys them in this way. That means that atomic oxygen attacks and destroys the cell membrane of all acaryote cells, for example of bacterium, in a split second (10-9 to 10-4 seconds). The cells of the human body, which have a nucleus as well as a cell wall protection (cholesterol), are not damaged of ozone. The human cells can fill up their cell membrane with cholesterol and so protect themselves of the ozone-effect. Only the membranes of the eyes and the lungs can be irretated.  

O2:There is often an oxygen deficit in inflamed areas. This deficit can be reduced with the remaining oxygen-molecule (O2). Therefore an ozone-treatment activates additionally the regenration of skin and mucous membranes. 

If ozone doesn’t react with other substances it decomposes in its components. The exact half-value period of ozone was not exactly defined yet. It depends on several influencing variables like humidity and temperature. In the literature there are values between 2 and 13 minutes, the common value is about 6 minutes.

Appliance in the medical and therapeutical field

The bactericide, antiviral and  fungicidal effect of ozone is used in the medical science  in many fields for a long time. In human medicine (e.g. dermatology, gynaecology, orthopaedy) in  veterinary medicine as well as dentistry.  

Already in the year 1933, the dentist Dr. Fisch introduced ozone in dentistry. He combated for example parodontitis and aphthous oral infection.

Recently ozone-therapies have a new boom in the dentistry. With Dentozon mobile o3 it is possible for the first time (since august 2008) to use ozone in a single workstep in the therapy of parodontitis and caries of the whole upper or lower jaw.

Further application areas of ozone

  • Water treatment
  • Food conservation
  • Commercial cleaning of buildings (fire damage, mildew, etc.)

It has been known for more than a hundred years, that ozone is an excellent destroyer of viruses and bacterium. Therefore viruses and bacteria, that cause caries, parodontitis, suppuration, aphthes and herpes, can be destroyed within the mouth, because through  the mucous membrane ozone also reaches the bloodstream. Here the pathogenic agents are killed.
This knowledge is being used in the treatment with DENTOZON.


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