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Dental Application of Dentozon mobile o3

1. Cariesprevention, and treatment of Caries
According to experts it takes 6 month for caries to become noticable. Everybody who gets regular DENTOZON treatments has a good chance to never develop caries. By remineralisation the defective teeth can be cured. Naturally, cavities still have to be filled.

2. Endodontie 

3. Parodontitis 
Parodontitis has long been recognized as source of sickness for the entire body. It leads to the rise of circulatory disturbance diseases, like heart attacks and stroke as well as increased risk for diabetics, because viruses and bacteria enter the bloodstream. Scientists suspect that parodontitis even can cause cancer. To prevent these diseases, ozone treatment with DENTOZON is recommended regularly.

4. Acromycosis

The treatment with ozone deletes fungi as well as fungal spores.
5. Viral infection (aphthes, herpes, etc.) 
The DNA of viruses oxidizes in contact with ozone. Therefore the viruses are deleted without the risk of formation of resistance.

6. Periimplantitis 
Periimplantitis is prevented, and the healing process is accelerated.

7. Orthodontics
DENTOZON prevents caries and demineralization even at non-accessible areas.

8. Nervous Patients
Prophylaxis without metal instruments.

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